How to Use Infrared Laser Thermometer. Video Included

How to Use Infrared Laser Thermometer. Video Included

Pyrometer – a portable or stationary device for remote measurement of temperature indicators. The infrared laser thermometer is visually reminiscent of a laser Blaster from a science fiction movie. The LCD display displays temperature data. The convenient control panel shows parameters of the laser and aiming the pyrometer to measure the temperature of the high demand of technical expertise.

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The use of the device for measuring temperature is necessary for such areas:

  • Metalworking;
  • industrial, military construction;
  • food industry;
  • shipbuilding. 

Classification of instruments

The classification criteria include:

Temperature range of measurements. According to this parameter, the device is of low temperature and high temperature. High-temperature gauges are used to estimate the parameters of heated bodies of over 400 °C. low-temperature tool to determine the digital data even in case of adverse parameter values (from -35°C);

Purpose of a device. The tool can be optical or infrared. Infrared thermometers are equipped with laser pointer for accurate targeting. This device will measure high temperatures in hard to reach areas without stopping the production line at a distance up to 30 m. the Principle of operation of optical instruments is based on the relationship of color of light and temperature. 

How to use a Infrared Thermometer?

Easy to use – a key advantage of the device that measures the temperature. To properly use the thermometer you have to follow these steps:

  1. Read the instructions. Erroneous actions distort the accuracy of the temperature readings;
  2. Turn on the device. After switching to the device you need to wait a few seconds;
  3. To direct the pyrometer to the surface where the temperature is to be measured. Laser or optical pointer needs to determine the boundary measurements. The spot diameter of the beam must be less than the measurement object;
  4. Expect results. If the object is not heated directly, it is advisable to wait until the set constant temperature.

How to use a Infrared Thermometer Video